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Programme & Employment

We have spent a year carefully curating and developing the EmployAble Pathway to employment, for individuals with learning and intellectual disabilities. Get in touch with us today to enquire more.

Programme outline


To assess for job suitability


In-house training for targeted jobs

Job placement

Placement for sheltered employment or inclusive

Employment options (Job placement)

Sheltered employment

Employment is in-house, Supported by job coaches

Inclusive independent employment

Employment with hiring corporation,

Supported by job coaches

Training for hiring corporations

Research done by Aichner (2021) and Ang (2017) reported that while corporations are interested in hiring Individuals with Intellectual Difficulties, there is insufficient information to support the effective hiring and training process. We at EmployAble want to make sure you, the hiring corporations, are supported to successfully hire these individual - with the help of our Training in Inclusive Employment for hiring corporations.

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